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Dr. Lori Shotts » Welcome to Dr. Shotts' page!

Welcome to Dr. Shotts' page!

My name is Lori Shotts.  I have been employed in education for almost 30 years as a teacher, advisor and administrator!  I have worked in elementary, middle, high school, and college environments.  I have enjoyed all my experiences in different ways and am blessed to have had them. Unity is an awesome school and I am happy to be here!  I LOVE ELA.  It was always my favorite in school from an early age.  Books and stories are awesome and language is fascinating!  Writing is essential and watching it develop is amazing.  ELA is integrated in and integrates almost all other subjects, so the variety is great as well.  
I am married to Rick and have two sons, Garrett and Lincoln.  Garrett has graduated college and is working.  Lincoln is a sophomore in college.  
Bachelor of Arts in Education:  University of Alabama in Huntsville
Master of Science in Education:  Alabama A & M University
Endorsement in Educational Administration and Supervision on Masters: Alabama A & M University
Education Specialist in Instructional Supervision:  Samford University
Doctorate in Educational Administration:  Samford University