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E-Learning Days Announced

Lincoln County Schools will have four E-Learning Days that will be held on August 24, August 31, September 14 and September 28. This is announcement is coming ten days prior to the first E-Learning Day to provide parents with time to make arrangements for the E-Learning Days. We encourage you to click on the following link to watch a video from Dr. Bill Heath as he outlines the purpose and goals of these days.


Click here to view the video                           

Lincoln County Schools

Dates: August 24, 31 and September 14, 28

Overview & Purpose

Core Value #1: To allow students to experience virtual learning in preparation for the possibility of future virtual instruction.  

Core Value #2: To allow teachers an opportunity to manage both virtual and in person student learning for the remainder of the first nine weeks as they become familiar with the requirements and expectations of student learning for all.  

Desired Outcomes

  • Ending Date: Fall Break
  • Continuation Plans Beyond Fall Break: The desired outcome is that the need for the eLearning days for post Fall Break is minimal.  Regardless, plans for the second nine-weeks will be announced prior to the beginning of Fall Break.  The eLearning days beyond Fall Break, if they occur, should be limited as the students and teachers become more accustomed to the new expectations.
  • Expectations for Students: To become familiar with eLearning by participation.
  • Expectations for Teachers: To become more familiar with the eLearning process
  • Most students will participate in e-learning through virtual instruction via Google Classroom. (Exceptions: CDC, Dual Enrolled students, and LCA Lab students)
  • Lunch:  One breakfast and one lunch will be provided curbside for traditional students on e-learning days. Virtual students will continue to receive multiple days of meals as well. All meals will be distributed simultaneously from 9:00-10:00 AM on e-learning days.