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Unity School

Register for K8 Virtual School Orientation

Orientation for students who chose to receive Virtual School from their own K8 school will be held Tuesday, August 4th and Wednesday, August 5th. We are providing three opportunities for parents to attend. You only have to attend (1) session. One parent of each student will be required to attend the session. Students are not required to be present. The Orientations will be held at Lincoln Central Academy 909 Main Avenue S in the auditorium. Orientation Times: August 4th @ 5 PM, Wednesday, August 5th @ 9 AM or Wednesday, August 5th @ 1 PM. Click the link below to complete the form to register for your orientation time. Parents will need to complete the registration form for each child they have enrolled in Virtual School for K8. At this meeting, parents will receive an overview of Virtual Instruction, sign a Virtual School Contract, sign a Computer Equipment Agreement and pay their $30.00 school fees. (This orientation is only for parents who selected Virtual School from their child's school) and not from Lincoln Central Academy. Please register by Monday, August 3rd. Masks are required.  #oneLC