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Unity School

Enrollment Intent Form: 2020-2021

n order to make plans for the 2020-2021 school year, each parent is asked to complete a survey form for each of their children enrolled in Lincoln County Schools. The options that are available this school year include:  Traditional, Virtual through your child's school or virtual through Lincoln Central Academy.   Parents are asked to complete the form by Thursday, July 23, 2020.  If you have any questions regarding the virtual programs offered, we encourage you to view the following video.  If you are interested in the virtual options, we encourage you to view the link on the schools website.  For additional information, you may call the school office.
We are not posting this form on social media because this link is school specific for Unity School.  We ask that you do not post on social media because we are trying to prevent students from other schools being registered at the wrong school.