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Unity School

School Closure Procedures - May 2020

Lincoln County School Closure Procedures 

PreK - 8th

In order to ensure the safety of students, parents and our school staff, we will have designated days and times for pick up of students' personal items. Schools will be using curb service at each site to collect and handout items. PK-8 Schools will be providing specific information from their school about medicine pickup, band instrument pick-up/drop-off, fundraiser items, etc.

Student lockers will be cleaned out by school personnel and placed in carry bags and tagged with the student's name.  We will have two designated days for PreK - 8th grade pick-up.  On these two days, you will pick up your personal items, report cards, yearbooks if you ordered one, pictures if your school has pictures to hand out, and any textbooks or library books that your child has not turned in.  Please notice the dates and specific times

Note items under each school that may vary in date and time. Everyone is to remain in your car during pick-up and drop-off.


If you have additional questions, contact information is listed below.


PreK-8th Designated Times

(Blanche, Flintville, Highland Rim School, South Lincoln, Unity)  

Tuesday, May 19, 2020   (Grades PreK - 3rd)

8:00  - 10:00

Last Name  A - E

10:00 - 12:00

Last Name F -  K

12:00 -  2:00

Last Name L -  R

2:00 -   4:00

Last Name S -  Z

Wednesday, May 20, 2020  (Grades 4th  - 8th)

8:00  - 10:00

Last Name  A - E

10:00 - 12:00

Last Name F -  K

12:00 -  2:00

Last Name L -  R

2:00 -   4:00

Last Name S -  Z

Additional Information about Specific Pre-K - 8  Schools

Blanche School

Monday, May 4, and Monday, May 11,  from 9-11 am you may return library books and textbooks. Drop off will be in the front of the building. Medications have been picked up.  Mr. West is contacting band members and making arrangements for instruments and fundraiser items.  When students pick up their personal items on May 19 and 20, please come through the car rider line and remain in your car.  

Flintville School

Flintville School will be collecting library books, textbooks, and musical instruments on Tuesday, May 5th. The library doors will be open from 9:00-11:00 AM. Please make arrangements to drop off these items. Textbooks can also be dropped off at this time.  Please come through the car rider line and remain in your car for item pickup/return.  If the car-rider line is past the playground, please follow our afternoon car-rider procedures and park across the road until you can safely move across the road and join the line in front of the school. 


Highland Rim School

Highland Rim is collecting library books and textbooks Monday and Thursdays from 9-11 AM in the breakfast/lunch pickup line. They can also be dropped off on Monday nights from 5-6 PM in front of the school. Nurse Vicky is contacting parents regarding medicine pickup and Dr. Enloe will be in touch with parents regarding the return of band instruments. On May 19 & May 20, curbside will be in the car rider line. Please enter the line off of Old Huntsville Road. Items returned that day will be students' personal items, spring pictures and yearbooks (if a student purchased those items), and refund of field trips for 1st, 5th, and 8th grades. 


South Lincoln School

Monday, May 4 and May 11 from 9-11 am you may return library books and textbooks. Drop off will be in the front of the building. Medications have been picked up. Mr. Mynatt is contacting band members and making arrangements for pickup/return of instruments. On MAY 19, 20 please come through the car rider line and remain in your car for item pickup/return.


Unity School

You may return library books and textbooks on Monday, May 4 and Thursday, May 7 from 9-11 am..  Drop off will be in the side parking area where we distribute meals.  Medications can be picked up on Monday and Thursday next week from 9:00-11:00 also in the side parking area.  Ms. Clayton is contacting band members for the return of instruments.  On May 19 & 20 please come through the driveway in front of the building and remain in your car for the item pick-up/return.


Stone Bridge Academy Pre-K


On Monday, May 11th, we will be returning items to students from classrooms, etc. Report cards and progress reports will go home at this time also. Parents will pick these items up in the car-rider line during the following times:


Ms. Melanie

8:30 -  9:30

Ms. Michelle

9:30 - 10:30

Ms. Brenda

10:30 - 11:30





Report cards will be printed and mailed on May 22nd for all Virtual Academy students.  Parents of Falcon Achievement Academy students should plan to pick up report cards from the school of remand. Students with medications have already been contacted.  There are no yearbooks to distribute.





Our seniors are scheduled to turn in their chromebooks/pickup senior awards and chords Thursday, May 7th. We are planning to have students in grades 9 thru 11 turn in textbooks/clean lockers/pickup yearbooks/pickup medications from nurse/ and pay any debts they may have on May 12th thru the 14th. Our times for this will be 8:00 until 12:00. Students have a designated day to participate:

May 12th - Juniors

May 13th - Sophomores

May 14th - Freshmen

*Seniors will pick up their yearbooks on May 7th if they come in by then. If not, we are planning on passing them out May 11th in the same manner they received their cap/gown.


*Graduation information updates will be posted and announced by the high school.


School Nutrition Information


On Line Payment System

If your child has lunch charges, they must be cleared by the end of the school year.  Payments can be made on My School Bucks or by setting up a time with your child's school.
Lincoln County Schools uses My School Bucks to allow parents and families to conveniently make deposits, view balances, and see the activity of their student’s lunch account. You may make deposits to your student’s account by using our online system. Visit My School Bucks directly at or access through our website, click on “School Nutrition” and follow the links to the online payment system. There is a $2.49 fee per transaction. You may place funds into more than one student’s account within a single transaction, and there is no limit on the deposit amount. The Lincoln County Department of Education does not receive any portion of the transaction fee. You can use the online system at no charge to keep track of account balances and activity on your student’s account. You will need your student’s iNow number, which starts with an “S” followed by 6 numbers, in order to create accounts and make deposits. This number will be provided to you by your student’s school. If your student has a previous account you do not need to re-create an account for this school year. 





For additional questions, you may contact your child’s school through the following school contact information.  Please continue to check your school’s social media accounts and the school’s websites.






Blanche School


Christy Wright

Flintville School


Dr. David Golden

Highland Rim School


Garth Garris

Lincoln Central


Amy Clemons

Lincoln Co High


Billy Owens

South Lincoln School


Jennifer Turpen

Stone Bridge Pre-K


Lorraine Boone

Unity School


Emily Pierce

*Additional Information may be posted or announced by each individual school.